Why explore the Self in a group?

Can a community make subjective reality more objective?

The inner world is a boundless universe to be explored, but launching into it takes true dedication.
Pushing past the gravitational pull of outer distractions and the various inner layers of resistance can be challenging...
And yet, seeing the immensity of inner space, with its myriad constellations of feelings and states of being can be oh so rewarding...
Seeing yourself
This platform tracks the various methods for inner discovery and helps you understand which courses and approaches are best for you.
Meditating at sunset
Brain regions
How can the mind become a channel for higher consciousness?
As we deepen our understanding of our psycho-emotional world, can that understanding itself become yet one more trap of the mind?
Let's figure out where we are in our personal journeys, and help each other take the fast-track to inner growth.
Sitting at the bench
How do you talk about the deeper stuff with others?
Who out there has learned the art of deep listening, without trying to "fix it?"
It's a profound study. But if there is a place to do it, that place is here.
Balanced rocks
Are you seeing results in your outer life too? In your relationships, your health and work life?
Self-discovery can be deeply empowering, fulfilling and transformative.
Most people just avoid inner work – while others escape into it at the expense of everything else.
How do we achieve a lasting balance? Therein lies the path to oneness!

What we
work towards

Saving time on personal development

Saving you precious time

With such an abundance of self-help courses, workshops, books and teachers out there all offering different methods to help you dive deep within and transform your life, how do you find something truly life-changing? How do you differentiate between the different approaches to inner discovery, and which are best tailored to your particular needs? Our community is committed to ensuring you don't waste your time with simple brain fodder, so you can enter a lasting state of joy, well-being and prosperity.

Solving that inner puzzle

A community tracking your progress

The inner world can be pretty subjective when we're trapped in the mind. With all the inner work you've done throughout your life, how do you know how well you've been able to let go of subconscious destructive patterns and actually evolve? The truth is we need a community for that, with people who care enough and know enough about you to listen – without therapizing. Just having that is usually enough to prevent you from fooling yourself. This is a true art, and it can save you lots of unnecessary suffering.

Keeping it balanced

Keeping it balanced

Some people turn to self-development as an escape from the challenges of work and relationships. The real purpose of inner growth though is to bring peace, joy and prosperity to all areas of your life. Here we always check up on you as a whole, ensuring that nothing gets neglected in the quest for self-realization. The true test comes when you're back in the world, relating with your family and friends, your current and former lovers... does your heart stay open through it all, aglow in the light of forgiveness and gratitude?

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